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Kraftsalz Rose

CHF 119.00

The fragrance of the rose.
Excellent for Far Eastern dishes.

KRAFTSALZ ROSE, 100g violet glass jar

Kraftsalz Rose, dried rose petals

Kraftsalz with roses and gold leaf.
Slightly reddish, unobtrusive sweet of honey, flowery, herbaceous to slightly peppery. Excellent for Far Eastern dishes.

For pasta and mustard sauces, white meat, fish.

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salt, fluoride (0.025%), iodide (0.0025%), anti-caking agent (E536), 23-carat gold, dried rose petals

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy 0 kcal / 0 kJ, fat 0 g thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g, carbohydrates 0 g thereof sugar 0 g, protein 0 g, gold 0 g, salt 99.8 g, iodine 2500 µg, fluorine 25 mg


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