From the depths of the forest stored at the place of natural power



As a delicacy for private use for tasting and seasoning dishes of 100g or for the upscale gastronomy of 1000g available online and at selected points of sale.

Start of sales 1st February 2020 – Orders are already accepted.



Swiss gourmet salt – Pure or in three refined flavours.

Swiss gourmet salt - Kraftsalz Classic - all dishes

For all dishes, all kitchens

Kraftsalz Classic - Swiss made


Pure salt – without additional aromas.
The Kraftsalz Classic with gold leaf is available in four different sizes.

For daily use. For salting and refining all kinds of food and dishes.

Kraftsalz Classic is the indispensable flavour enhancer in every household and in the upscale gastronomy.

Kraftsalz is also ideal as a souvenir or gift.

Swiss gourmet salt - Kraftsalz Classic - 100g and 1000g
Swiss gourmet salt - Kraftsalz Lavender - Mediterranean dishes

Mediterranean dishes

Kraftsalz LAVENDER - Swiss made


Kraftsalz with lavender and gold leaf.
The fresh, slightly bitter and spicy aroma of lavender resembles rosemary.

The taste ranges from light vanilla to rosemary, camphor and bergamot.

The Kraftsalz Lavender goes well with meat such as lamb, beef, pork or game. Marinades and especially grilled vegetables, dips, salads, sauces, desserts and bread are given a very special flavour by the lavender aroma.

Swiss gourmet salt - Kraftsalz Lavender - 100g and 1000g
Swiss gourmet salt - Kraftsalz Rose - Far Eastern dishes

Far Eastern dishes

Kraftsalz ROSE - Swiss made


Kraftsalz with roses and gold leaf.
Slightly reddish salt with an unobtrusive sweetness with undertones of honey, floral, herbaceous to slightly peppery.

The Rose Kraftsalz an excellent accompaniment to soft pasta and mustard sauces, white meat, fish and for all kinds of preparation of Far Eastern dishes. It is lovingly mixed with dried and ground rose petals to give it a light pink hue. The taste of the roses is stimulating.

Swiss gourmet salt - Kraftsalz Rose - 100g and 1000g
Swiss gourmet salt - Kraftsalz Lemongrass - Asian dishes

Asian dishes

Kraftsalz LEMONGRASS - Swiss made


Kraftsalz with lemongrass and gold leaf.
Strong and fresh taste of lemon.

The fresh lemon taste of lemongrass goes well with meat dishes, especially poultry, sauces, marinades, soups and curries. It also goes well with fish and seafood, as well as with rice and pasta dishes.

Lemongrass Kraftsalz is an excellent accompaniment to light summer dishes and salads.

Swiss gourmet salt - Kraftsalz Lemongrass - 100g and 1000g

For over 200 million years, the fine Swiss salt has been stored protected in the mountain. About 500 years ago, mining of the salty spring began in Bex in the canton of Vaud. The pure product of the Swiss Alps is carefully extracted with the purest glacier water and produced ready for consumption by the Saline de Bex SA in 1880 Bex using its own hydropower.

Kraftsalz is produced when the pure salt rests for eight weeks at the power station in Tuggen, Canton Schwyz and is then further processed. The salt is refined by hand with 24 carat gold and offered as pure power salt or in various flavours. As a limited edition and nobly packaged, the result is a sensual spice that convinces with taste, history and style. For daily use in the kitchen, as an eye-catcher on the dining table for seasoning dishes or as a special gift. Enjoy the Swiss gourmet salt.